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Logical Method Inc Privacy Policy

The Logical Method Inc Privacy Policy delineates your customer information is used and protected. We believe that protecting your privacy is an important part of the customer service we provide to you.

Logical Method Inc runs a number of websites and this privacy policy applies to all legitimately linked websites to this page. If you have any questions about the policies or the legitimacy of any website linked to this page. Please contact us immediately and directly using our contacts page or using email.

Logical Method Inc protects your privacy through the following policies, practices, and procedures:

Personally-identifiable information is collected on this website from persons visiting this website. Identifiable information collected on this website is gathered on our “contact us”, Free Cloud Desktop and Free Virtual Desktop Registration Forms and order pages, where fields are provided so that you can provide your information as you decide. We collect this information so that we can respond to the actions that you deliberately request and send to us via those pages and to facilitate log on to Free Cloud Desktops and/or Free Virtual Desktops.

Credit Card Information

We do not directly collect your credit card and related information on your online orders. We use both PayPal, Amazon Affiliate  online pay facilities external to our website. Some of our Cloud Products and Services utilize Third Party Vendors for Processing, Storage and other Cloud Related Services. Please refer to their respective privacy policies for more information.

Anonymous Information Collected on this Website

We record anonymous data. Most of the information that we collect from this website is anonymous information, such as the pages you visit. Other anonymous data we may collect might include the name of your Internet service provider, the website that you used to link to our site, the websites that you visit from our site, and your IP address. The data is used for statistical purposes, but you, as the individual user, remain anonymous. We use this anonymous information to help improve the content of this site and to compile aggregate statistics about individuals using our site for internal market research purposes.


We do not specifically use cookies on our websites beyond what is resident in your browser and our tools require such as WordPress, Google Analytics, etc.

Your data

Most sites we do not collect personal data at all. We do collect user data on sites where accounts are required and these include your email address and whatever data you input on those forms, including any comments you make with your ID. We don’t share any data of yours beyond what you request online such as the AWS Account # to (only to share with you the AMI for Desktop Anywhere), Feedburner (udpates) and other opt in services for your benefit. We use Google Analytics to monitor web traffic and such. We retain the minimal data you supply until you tell us to delete it.

To remove your data, simply delete online or send a request at the bottom of the signup or other email you received or to Privacy or using our Contact Us pages for assistance regarding Logical Method Inc. and your Privacy Questions.

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