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Your personal tour of Interactive Search on the page below is 10 sections and a short Appendix.

  • Read each Section and click on the Links
  • Explore the Search Results and refine the searches interactively
  • Then return to this page and continue
  • Once a Section is completed, just click the Jump link to continue
  • ENGAGE and Have FUN!- Follow your Interests and try out your own searches as we go.

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Section 1

What is Interactive Search?

By Interactive Search we mean using Search Tools (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, specific websites, etc.) as if they were your Free, 24/7, Globally Powered, 2nd Brain. Part Private Instructor, Information Scout and Research Team with free access to most of the World’s Knowledge, all at the same time.

Sometimes, as with a data point, like a phone number, website, date, or a simple query, a single search will do. For more complex things, an Interactive Search is the answer.

Interactive Search is when you are:

  • Using the Search Prompt and Search Results as if you were engaging a team of experts
  • Skimming results of multiple searches to get perspective
  • Refining searches and trying again, and again to get a better feel for how best to proceed
  • Coming from different angles, then drilling down into detail and back up to a high level view
  • Applying different tools and different sites, looking for deeper insight and knowledge

In the ten sections on this page, you will learn skills, tools and the like to make you smarter, more productive, and more efficient. Below, we will show you examples of how to:

  • Go beyond Basic Searching
  • Use Advanced Search Tools
  • Learn about almost anything
  • Get the best bang for your buck shopping
  • View Exponential Technology and how it relates to Search and our future
  • Learn how to do an Quick Search to get an idea of most any subject
  • Then Interactive Searches that Dive Deeper into things that require more attention

Remember, the knowledge of the world is always at your fingertips.

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Section 2

Exponential Technology is where we will Start, and where we will end as it is why Interactive Search is all of a sudden possible. Let’s start with a 3D Printer. But first, what’s a 3d Printer anyway?

See how easy Interactive Search is! Here’s how easy it was to find the right 3D Printer, for the right price, assemble it (Manual and Video ), download the free Software, get it up and running asking  a Question on a Forum) and found thousands of free Designs. Let’s take at that 3D printer in action.


Such technology is based on Exponential Technology just like Interactive Search? Let’s take a look (come back when you’re done!).

Now, let’s get take a look at the easy way to learn Interactive Search (and how you can take control and learn what you want to learn)!

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Section 2

Learning to Fish with Interactive Search

Adage: Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.

An updated saying might be: Fishing Reel, Fish, Fishing Rod, Hobby

  • Give someone a fish and they can eat it
  • Teach someone to fish and they can eat for life
  • Teach someone to fish using Interactive Search and they can learn how to do almost anything

If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking”. —BUCKMINSTER FULLER



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Section 3

Let’s do what’s called a “Page Walk” on the basic search page Menu 

Google Search Menu
Google Search Menu Image (click image to go to page)
  • Read the below, then Click the Image above or Here (come back when you are done)
  • We will start at the top left menu with “Learn To Fish” (All, News, etc.)
  • “Walk” the cursor over every Menu item and sub-menu item
  • Click the ones you don’t understand and see what they do
  • Try a slightly different search term: “fishing” (or learning to fish, how to fish, etc.)
  • Make it local: “Contra Costa fishing

Wow! A lot to learn about Fishing and a great place to start if it interests you. And that’s not all.


On to Advanced Search for another Page Walk…







Section 4

Using Advanced Search Features

Above is a Screenshot of Advanced Search Panel (click to access)

Access from Settings/Advanced Search (or just search for Advanced Search)

Again, let’s do a “Page Walk” on the Advanced Search page. 

  • Read the below, then Click the Image above or Here.
  • Start at the top left Option and “walk” the cursor though every option
  • Be sure to read the description on the right
  • As you go, use data ones you don’t understand and see what they do
  • Example: Specify a “Site or Domain” and click Advanced Search button (Click Here)
    • Note: Many of the same techniques apply to direct searching on site
    • Interactive Searching Bonus Info: Your Local Library
  • Notice the Advanced Search page passes commands (e.g. “site:”) which you can also use.


How about Learning to be a Doctor








Section 5

Becoming a Doctor (Live Interactive Search)

What does the above search tell us?   Answer

Start with the basic search and add terms as shown below.

Now, add any of those terms from the Becoming a Doctor Popup to Make a New Search


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Section 6

What about Other Career Paths and Jobs?

Now, different careers have much different requirements. For example, some you can learn on the job and get paid to do it, some you need lot’s of training up front. And the results, now, and in the near future can be very different.

Other Career and Jobs Examples:

Note: To be fair, most IT professionals do go to college and have certifications. But, it is worth noting what the law and industry actually require, no?


Skills and Abilities Examples:

Note: Based on my personal experience, good social skills and positive relationships that come from them really help more than just about any other skill. Skills like that can be improved via search as well.

Back to Doctors for a minute







Section 7

Doctors and Exponential Technology

But wait. Back to the Doctor for  a minute. What about Exponential Technology?

When you go to the Doctor, they first try to figure out what’s wrong, right? A Diagnosis.

IBM Watson vs Doctors in diagnosis

If a computer search can perform the diagnosis of patients (one of the hardest parts), wouldn’t they be able to also suggest the treatments? Perhaps beyond?

What would that mean if you had just finished what we learned it takes to become a Doctor? Answer

What about the rest of us?


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Section 8

My Interactive Search Real Examples
Value Examples that Interactive Search Has Delivered Me for Free

Technical Stuff for Career and Personal Projects:

Stuff I Fixed and Assembled Myself using Interactive Search (Know your limitations):

Things I Saved Money on Shopping using Interactive Search:

Now, what’s next for 3D printing?










Section 9

What’s Next for 3D Printing? Lot’s:

3D Printing of Metal that is 1000 times faster and 100 times lower cost |

3D Printing of Metal that is 1000 times faster and 100 times lower cost


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Section 10


Wrapping Up: All the technical know how in this presentation, these websites, hosting, debugging, extending, etc. came from using Interactive Search. Using that one skill, Interactive Search, is an unparalleled Internet path to Knowledge, and used right, Wisdom.

Words of Caution (Use your best judgment – Trust your experience)

  • Security and Safety
  • Privacy
  • Untruths, Opinions, Facts
  • Trolls, Bots, Scammers and other Nefarious Agents


Search Power Words and Tools (most tools are available on Advanced Search Page)

  • Technology or Tech
  • Localization: Country, State, County, City, zip code, area code, etc.
  • Product Type, Manufacturer, Make, Model
  • Groups or Community
  • File formats: pdf or Manual, mp3 or Audio, mp4 or Video, etc.
  • Time Frame (example add 2017 or use the Tools/Anytime dropdown).
  • Top, Top 10, Best, Tools
  • Tips, Tricks, Troubleshooting, Repair
  • “vs” (e.g. knowledge vs information)
  • Conversions and Calculations (Example)

Search Power Sites

Bonus: Finding lists trick. Use list from two in a category to find more (add

Technical Skills that are highly sought that can be learned for Free

(The first 3 all started by a single person)


A quick tour of and any questions?