Logical Method Inc

Logical Method Inc is a privately held S corporation in Northern California that is working with state of the art technologies in a variety of projects. Our core mission is to better understand, and then leverage Exponential Technologies to disrupt outdated modes and models to quickly and efficiently in ways that dramatically improve the world.

After decades of experience in traditional business model technology ventures, from the smallest of startups to Fortune 100 companies, the path is not traditional and the method is, well, logical.

We welcome engagement with the like minded. While we don’t tend to work work with traditional consulting clients any more per se, we are always on the lookout for interesting projects to pursue, think about and work on with right-fit companies and people.

Initial consultation is always free. Helping others think through problems and opportunities from their perspective tends to be interesting and helpful in staying grounded in this accelerating technological terrain. And who knows, if you have a particularly interesting consulting requirement, we are always willing to listen.

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